George Dillman, a prominent figure in the world of martial arts, has left an indelible mark on the discipline. Known for his expertise in pressure point fighting and his contributions to the martial arts community, many wonder: where is George Dillman now?

Early Life and Career

Born on September 6, 1942, in Huntington, Pennsylvania, Dillman began his martial arts journey at a young age. He studied under various masters, honing his skills in karate and later delving into the intricacies of pressure point techniques.

Rise to Prominence

Dillman gained widespread recognition through his demonstrations and seminars, showcasing the effectiveness of pressure point techniques in self-defense. He founded the Dillman Karate International organization, attracting students and enthusiasts from around the world.

Controversies and Criticisms

Despite his acclaim, Dillman’s claims of being able to knock out opponents without physical contact drew skepticism from the martial arts community. Critics questioned the validity of his techniques, leading to debates over the efficacy of pressure point fighting.

Media Exposure

Dillman’s appearances on television and in documentaries further propelled him into the spotlight. His demonstrations, often featuring dramatic knockouts, fascinated audiences and fueled interest in his unique approach to martial arts.

Global Influence

Dillman’s influence extended beyond the United States, with seminars and workshops conducted internationally. He traveled extensively, sharing his knowledge and promoting the principles of pressure point fighting to enthusiasts worldwide.


Regardless of controversies, Dillman’s contributions to the martial arts community are undeniable. His teachings have inspired countless practitioners and continue to shape the landscape of modern martial arts.


In recent years, George Dillman has taken a step back from the public eye. While still involved in martial arts to some extent, he has reduced his seminar schedule and appears to be enjoying a quieter life.

Personal Life

Dillman’s personal life remains relatively private. Little is known about his family or interests outside of martial arts. However, those who have trained under him speak of his dedication and passion for the discipline.

Current Whereabouts

As of the latest reports, George Dillman resides in his hometown of Huntington, Pennsylvania. While no longer as active in the martial arts community, he occasionally makes appearances at events and maintains connections with former students.


Looking back on his career, George Dillman leaves behind a complex legacy. While some view him as a pioneering figure in martial arts, others regard him with skepticism. Nevertheless, his impact on the discipline cannot be denied.

Continued Influence

Though he may have retreated from the spotlight, Dillman’s teachings continue to resonate with martial artists worldwide. His techniques and philosophies remain a subject of study and debate, ensuring that his legacy endures.


In conclusion, the question “where is George Dillman now” may not have a definitive answer. While he may have stepped out of the limelight, his influence on martial arts persists. Whether through his controversial techniques or his dedicated students, George Dillman remains a figure worth remembering in the martial arts world.

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