Granbury, Texas, is a charming city nestled in North Central Texas, offering a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. If you’re wondering where Granbury is located in relation to other cities and attractions, read on to discover its proximity to various destinations.

1. Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex:

Granbury lies southwest of the bustling Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, making it an ideal retreat from the urban hustle while remaining accessible for day trips or commuting.

2. Fort Worth:

Situated about 35 miles northeast of Granbury, Fort Worth is a major city known for its Western heritage, cultural attractions, and vibrant downtown scene.

3. Dallas:

Approximately 70 miles northeast of Granbury, Dallas beckons with its world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment options, offering a diverse array of experiences.

4. DFW International Airport:

Granbury is conveniently located within driving distance of DFW International Airport, one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, facilitating easy air travel connections.

5. Waco:

To the southwest, about 100 miles from Granbury, lies Waco, home to attractions such as Magnolia Market at the Silos, Baylor University, and the Cameron Park Zoo.

6. Austin:

Granbury is roughly 190 miles northwest of Austin, the capital of Texas, renowned for its live music scene, vibrant culture, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

7. San Antonio:

Situated approximately 240 miles southwest of Granbury, San Antonio beckons with its historic sites, world-famous River Walk, and iconic attractions like the Alamo.

8. Houston:

Granbury is located around 270 miles north of Houston, a dynamic city known for its diverse culinary scene, museums, and performing arts venues.

9. Abilene:

About 160 miles west of Granbury, Abilene offers a taste of West Texas charm, with attractions like Frontier Texas! and the Grace Museum.

10. Wichita Falls:

To the northwest, approximately 110 miles from Granbury, lies Wichita Falls, known for its outdoor recreation opportunities and unique attractions like the World’s Littlest Skyscraper.

11. Tyler:

Situated roughly 170 miles east of Granbury, Tyler is famed for its picturesque rose gardens, charming downtown district, and annual Texas Rose Festival.

12. Oklahoma City:

Granbury is located about 240 miles north of Oklahoma City, making it feasible for a day trip or weekend getaway to explore the capital city of Oklahoma.

13. Texarkana:

To the northeast, approximately 240 miles from Granbury, lies Texarkana, straddling the border between Texas and Arkansas, offering historic sites and cultural attractions.

14. Shreveport:

Granbury is around 250 miles east of Shreveport, Louisiana, known for its riverboat casinos, cultural festivals, and culinary delights.

15. Hot Springs, Arkansas:

Situated about 330 miles northeast of Granbury, Hot Springs beckons with its natural hot springs, historic bathhouses, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

16. Amarillo:

To the northwest, approximately 350 miles from Granbury, lies Amarillo, offering a taste of the Old West with attractions like Cadillac Ranch and Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

17. Lubbock:

Granbury is roughly 270 miles west of Lubbock, home to Texas Tech University, the Buddy Holly Center, and the National Ranching Heritage Center.

18. Midland-Odessa:

Situated about 300 miles southwest of Granbury, Midland-Odessa is known for its oil industry heritage, cultural attractions, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

19. El Paso:

Granbury is approximately 570 miles northwest of El Paso, nestled along the Rio Grande, offering a blend of Hispanic and American cultures.

20. Corpus Christi:

To the southeast, around 360 miles from Granbury, lies Corpus Christi, boasting sandy beaches, waterfront dining, and attractions like the Texas State Aquarium.

21. Galveston:

Granbury is roughly 320 miles northeast of Galveston, a historic island city known for its Victorian architecture, Gulf Coast beaches, and family-friendly attractions.

22. Baton Rouge:

Situated about 440 miles east of Granbury, Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s capital, offers a blend of Southern charm, historic sites, and cultural attractions.

23. Little Rock:

Granbury is approximately 320 miles northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas’s capital, known for its River Market District, historic sites, and outdoor recreation.

24. Tulsa:

To the northeast, around 290 miles from Granbury, lies Tulsa, Oklahoma, offering a thriving arts scene, cultural attractions, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

25. Tyler:

Located approximately 170 miles east of Granbury, Tyler is famed for its picturesque rose gardens, charming downtown district, and annual Texas Rose Festival.

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